Strategy to Prepare for GMAT Exam in India

Be strategic in your approach and don’t treat it like any other test. But before I go into the details, please know this: 

We as Indians have been taught that our academics are most important. Hence Indians by default end up giving way more important to the GMAT as compared to the other parts of the MBA Application. Yes, I know that most other parts of your package except for the essays and the GMAT are literally set in stone, but there are yet a lot of things you can do. Your success in getting admitted depends on your story. Pretty much all the ad com (admissions committee) cares about is this: Will this person be successful in the future? Is he/she a must have in my class?

Your GMAT score just backs it up by saying yes this person can very well also manage the academic workload of the course. Just the way you are starting to work on your GMAT literally months or a year in advance, work on your story too!

Support a cause, run an organisation, launch your side project, volunteer, stand out in sports, inspire other people or do whatever it is that makes you, YOU because that is what will make you unique in the largest applicant pool of Indians (even worse if you are male and an engineer). 

And otherwise here is the way we have to prepare for GMAT:

  1. Start with a Mock
  2. Set a Goal
  3. Make a Plan
  4. Figure where to Study from and choose best books
  5. Take Tests

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