Why do people hate each other

To say humans love one another is bullshit. In fact we have thousands of reasons to our availability already set in motion to hate the other person - from differences in ideals, principles, opinions, ideologies, affiliations, associations to likes, dislikes, habits and appetites, and not only the differences but even the absence of such angers us.

Why do people hate each other

We treat one another as dehumanized beings for they are stupid, dumb, dim or dull, or because they simply do not agree with us. An atheist hates a theist for brushing aside his scientific argument. A theist finds an atheist intolerable for being unable to look outside the bubble of terse scientific rigidity.

At theist would not allow his spirituality to be condensed within the laws of oversimplification. An atheist wouldn't allow the wonderfulness of the imagination and the essence of spirituality to mess with his mind! And of course, we cannot give into oneness. If we were all the same and one, there wouldn't be any differences, but peace on earth. And nobody wants that. Differences are good. It is forms of differences that are pushed thought, creation, and technology to such greater heights. How?! because our differences are fueled by self-love, hence comes the need to be better, to prove ourselves, and also jealousy, competition and greed - on which are built industries, empires and occasional practice of human slavery.

Our differences also give birth to the opportunity of being unique, but even uniqueness can give birth to hatred if and when perceived as superiority. When you take the mantle of superiority, you often treat others with contempt. "They don't understand me, they aren't complicated enough to understand me". Another big reason for hatred amongst humans is identity. Humans in majority suffer from the disease of labeling themselves, despite knowing very well that labels look good only on objects. To give meaning to our lives, you look forward to attach our identity to different brands - brands in forms of humans, nations, cultures and races to cults, doctrines, dogmas, ideologies, groups, and even book clubs and sports teams.

Being a part of a group with the set rules, conditions, dos and don'ts makes us feel controlled. It could be that we do so because of all the things we are most terrified of ourselves. We don't trust ourselves because of the mistakes and wrong choices we made in the past; because you have trusted the wrong people; because we think, on our own, we are completely incompetent of making even a single responsible decision. And our parents and friends are stupid anyway, so nobody's listening to them. Even though the simple solution for all of this is just spend some time with yourself everyday, try to know yourself better, and try solving your problems on your own.

But who wants to do that when someone else is available to do it for us! Hence we look for a father in the sky, collection of writers with great beards, pop stars and brilliant actors, and different school of thoughts. I would have included politicians, but they exist only to tell us we are idiots for having voted for them. When we assume these identities, we feel empowered, certainly not as much as fans of certain Indian actor do, but close. The feeling of belongingness provides us the responsibility of the soldier, to protect our chosen form of identity, which means if it is a human we are following, we are willing to fight and destroy those whom we call our enemy for making fun of us.

Our identities give us pride, meaning to our names and existence, friends who think and dress alike, potential girlfriends and wives, and the only thing it robs us of is individuality. And the thing with identities or labels is, they often stand in contradiction with one another, which creates a lot of problems for humanity.

And finally one of the greatest reasons for hatred is safety. Well, humans are paranoid beings, so much so, that we have created walls, borders, and trenches, airport security, mall guards, and liberation armies, safety nets, aluminium foils, and paper towels. When this wasn't enough with the stroke of genius, came the socio-economic divide to keep the undesirables from ever touching the bourgeois. You wonder who the fuck is bourgeois and does he use a magnifying glass to read? Some people might accuse you of being a student at JNU, and nobody deserves that level of humiliation. With this weapon, came the division of land in terms of high prices with security and cheap prices with getting stabbed. In between the two got struck the middle class - the greatest joke mankind is afflicted on any group of people ever - to scared to join the lower class and too much in awe of the upper.

With this brilliant structuring, imaginary prisons were created in forms of ghettos, neighborhoods, and slums, and paradises were created in forms of great hangout places, posh colonies, and commercial utopias. All so the rich could feel safe. You might have seen them in interviews on TV, playing the character who understands and suffers from middle class morality just like us. Oh, how they fool us for a few minutes and how we follow them for a lifetime. On that note I end this bantering. I hope I was you too cynical, even if I was I'm just a guy on like you. I hope you have a great day, and even greater tomorrow, for if you have a bad one after that, it wouldn't feel that depressing. Subscribe to this blog if you're normal. If not, subscribe nonetheless. You are the best.

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